Taiwan students really do care about education

Found the following from here:

Role of the Teacher

    • an authoritative figure
    • a role model
    The role of the teacher is to serve as a role model, to perfect virtue and assist in the development of talent, to answer questions, and to cultivate his own virtue and learning while encouraging students to do the same.” (Scollon, 1999, p. 20)

Classroom Practices


    • tend to be more teacher-centered
    • tend to give more time on lectures than discussions or activities
    • put more emphasis on rote memorization and drills (especially in language learning)


    • prefer more structure-oriented lessons
    • tend to seek the teacher’s approval and make decisions based on the teacher’s opinion
    • tend to expect their teachers to give “correct” answers
    • seldom challenge their teachers (i.e., respect for authority)
    • less likely to voice their opinions or ask questions in class
    • tend to seek conformity and group dependence
    • tend to hide their abilities (i.e. to be modest in behavior and speech)

Parental Involvement and Expectations

    • value and emphasize children’s academic achievement
    • regard education as a way of gaining prestige in one’s socio-economic status
    • generally respect and trust teachers and schools
    • willing to sacrifice themselves for children’s education
    • emphasize children’s development of reading ability
    • believe in effort and downplay innate ability
    • usually say, “You can do better,” ratter than “You’re the best”

Lol @ the last one. It’s so true, too.


~ by flerick on June 8, 2009.

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