Girly Guys

SS501 Band Members

"SS501" Band Members

It’s one of the most different aspects of culture (that I notice, at least). Guys worry about their hair, it seems, more than the opposite sex. Hahaha and by worry I mean they think it’s very very important. Of course, I haven’t really seen this first hand, yet, but from everyone’s stories, it seems that men’s hairstyles are ridiculously anime looking. Hahaha – Not that I dislike it, but it’s just so different lol. I actually don’t mind it too much, so I’ve been without a haircut for ~ a month and I plan on trying a different hair style when I go to Taiwan. It’s just really really strange to me.

As far as “SS501”, their music is alright – I think they sound similar to Maroon Five. Loool Asian version of the British band. Like I said, they’re alright.. but it’s not something I’m going to buy right away hah. Here’s one of their songs.


~ by flerick on June 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Girly Guys”

  1. Ah! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SS501. I’m in love with Kim Hyun Jung. Haha. Do you like Korean music? I’m addicted to kpop. Mostly boy bands (Super Junior, DBSK, Epik High (not a boy band but w/e), SS501). I like a couple of Taiwanese singers. If you got your hair styled like Kim Hyun Jung or someone like that, we’d become best friends. Haha.

    • lmao honestly 1. I don’t know many musicians from Asia, so I’ll be posting a new erm .. post .. about taiwan/asian popular musicians/bands pretty soon. I google most of my stuff to learn about it and then post what I think is cool lol. right now i have about.. ~10 pages of info from the web on my firefox tabs and each one of those pages has an average of ~5 musician/band names. then I probably will youtube each one and listen to about 5 songs that have the most views (hopefully are their best) and from that I will put my top choice in the post lol. 2. I do wanna get it styled, but I have a major cowlick which is the main reason I don’t style my hair much anyway lol. I need a crapload of gel for it to do anything other than look dumb lol. we’ll see xD

  2. maybe at first you think it’s strange for guys to worry about their looks but like you said it’s their custom, specially for their celebreties. But they’re REALLY handsome and good singers. You should just get used to them and then you’ll like them.

    • Hi Fatima!

      You’re obviously a very big fan of ss501. I’m happy you like their band and hairstyles. 🙂

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