Alright.. I admit

I’ve been slacking on posting here. 😛

However the main reason I am back right now is because something great has happened in the last few days: my guarantee forms arrived!

I have less questions now, and the next thing to do is get my VISA. However, before I send in for that, I need to have my plane reservation – soooo I am trying to get that done today.

My departure date is August 22nd (what seems to be a common date for past American exchangers) at *tentatively* ~ 1 PM. The flight is – what I’ve heard from other past exchangers – 13 hours long, however they also say theirs’ was filled with other rotary exchangers so it shouldn’t be very boring 🙂

And yeah.. 1 PM + 13 hour flight = 2 AM

And then – 9 hours for time zone changes .. I think? lol

EQUALS >;O! = 5 PM Taiwan time.. I think .. oh well it’s too early to do math right now lol

The airport is Taoyuan International ( – it’s not hyperlinked because unless you understand Mandarin fluently, I don’t think it’ll tell you much / couldn’t find an english version?) in Taipei.

What else.. I have talked to family members of my first and third host families, and they are very amiable. The second host family hasn’t contacted me yet, though.

In other news… it’s almost Independence Day! Woooooo Ima watch .. Independence Day 🙂

I still plan on doing 3 long informational posts about Taiwan music/food/ and .. something like politics or language; I still have to learn about all that though lol.

kk.. I’ll try to write more often now! 🙂


~ by flerick on July 2, 2009.

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