Jun Hao is in Taiwan

XD yep that’s my new name. I love it. It is one of the main characters’ names in an asian action film that I’ve seen. Like Invisible Target or Tae Guk Gi .. iono. But yeah, love my new name. I think I’ll be able to write it in chinese pretty soon too =].

I downloaded Xfire and got on Facebook and Gmail so I’m updated pretty well here. 🙂

I was unable to get skype running!*tear* =[ but I’ll try on the 2nd computer. so I guess Ishall account for the happenings now taht all of this pre-post info is done with.

It’s story time, boys and girls 😀

So, a few days or something ago *jet lag*, on the 21st of Aug at 8 AM I got to the Sky Harbor airport in PHX and my 3 bags had to be shifted around so none of them went over China Air’s 70 lbs max requirement. so Igot that all fixed up and Iwent to wait for the plane. there I met May Yen, she’s a rotary billing agent in Taiwan, so she was very nice and helped me learn some culture/language. we got to LAX at 12 PM and waited around at gate 103 for the plane. There we met Luke (USA), Estefania and another girl (both of them from Mexico) all exchange students heading to Taiwan. I sat next to the 2 girls on the plane and we had a good time eating dinner during lunch time and breakfast when it was dark outside lol. Also watched a few movies onboard and played some games. So I’m not saying that 13.5 hours magically sped up but it was a fun spent 13 hours. we got off the plane, everyone walked to cutoms and on the way we went thru one of those asian popular haz mat checkpoints that sees if you’re a biological threat by checking your body heat. Once we got our luggage, we went to the mass of people shouting our names and holding up signs and I met my host family in person. They are very nice and they took me out to eat some sushi last night. it was fun and I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 AM this morning because Ispent about 2 hours journaling Lol…

School starts on Sept 1st, only 20 minutes away, and Iwalk about 1 block to a KFC to grab the school bus. we’re gonna go out to eat now (it’s 7 pm here right now lol) or pretty soon so I’ma stop (plus I really can’t think of anything major to write about right now, so yeah.

Oh and it’s really humid here. so much that I think about breathing sometimes LOL

ok well zai jian – yeah I’m learning a lot of mandarin too. it’s all starting to slowly come together. Love you lots of people back home, making lots of friends here.

Eric Jun Hao Huang/Fleck ;D
D. 3460 Taichung


~ by flerick on August 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jun Hao is in Taiwan”

  1. WOOOOOO! ERICS IN TAIWAAAAN! ERICS IN TAIWAAAAN! Say something in Manderin. My german is pretty kick ass. It too, is coming together (alot faster if fact ;D)

    And get skype. I wanna see Taiwan 😀 HAVE FUNFUNFUNFUN! I know I am! 😉

    Jessica (Little Miss Swiss) haha I don’t have a nickname so I made one up 😀

  2. Valentinestate.wordpress.com

    Forgot to give you it. Opps haha

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