End of Month Report: December ’09

Sorry this was posted kind of late. 😛

NAME: Eric Andrew Fleck

ST Zhang
No. 12-14, Lane 159, KuoKuang Rd., Sec 1
Tali Taichung Hsien, Taiwan 412

Tel: +886-4-24064450 (Res.)


“Andy” Kuo-Hsun LIU
No. 58, Gongye 20th Rd.,
Taipin City, Taichung County 411 Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-22780462
FAX: +886-4-22715975
Email: lkh5081@ms26.hinet.net

About the Exchange:

In December, at our Rotary District Christmas party, all the exchange students were asked to perform a 3-5 minute presentation only in Chinese. I decided to sing a song from a favorite Taiwanese TV Cop drama over here (“Black and White”) and it went well. Also the weekend before that, I sang the song to around 100 classmates during a trip up into the very high and chilly mountains of Taiwan (where we experienced the culture of the aborigines). It was very beautiful up there and I stared at more stars that night that I believe I’ve ever seen before.

I am a much better drummer now than when I first started 3-4 months ago (nevertheless, I’ll be glad to see improvement), and I started playing a little guitar yesterday.. violin seems much easier (especially on the fingers! haha).

I’m doing very well in my Chinese language classes and Shufah (Chinese character calligraphy) and I can see how much Chinese (and Taiwanese) I’ve learned on a daily basis. It’s gotten to the point where I (as well as Ana and Paulina) are very comfortable speaking Chinese (we do fairly well at writing it too) and for me it really comes naturally without even thinking too much about it now. I am going to try to learn a lot more in the remaining 7 months by making flashcards. I am hanging out with classmates who only speak Chinese on some weekends which definitely helps and is entertaining as well.

I spent New Years with my 2nd host family and we ate pizza and my host mother made chocolate candies again which are a nice treat.

I apologize for the late arrival of this report, Mama Sue! 😛

Other than that, I’m just really really REALLY busy lately with all the sorts of things going on here and I am making the most out of my last half of a year here. I’m very unhappy about the prospect that soon my exchange year will be over – it really did go by so fast!! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting with Rudy Calderon and L.J. at the outbound orientation (in.. May?) eating lunch as Rudy told me stories about his exchange and impressed me with his rapid writing of Chinese characters. I’m sad that I’ll have to leave Ana and Paulina since we’ve grown so close. We’re a family here and we’ve gone through so much together! If I’ve learned anything at all during this exchange, it is that time flies so cherish every moment no matter what. Half of my exchange is already in memories… … … hahaha and one whole ~ 250 page journal. I had to start writing in a new one this past month.

For the next 7 months I hope to travel around the island a bit more and meet other exchangies with Ana and Paulina. We will have over a month off during our Winter Break (Chinese New Years) starting the 16th of this month and ending Feb. 22nd (that kind of makes up for not having Christmas day OR New Years day off from school). I also am searching for a martial arts instructor in order to continue learning Tae Kwon Do (I’m a green belt – or, rather, in the past I was.. now I’m probably not even a white belt hahahaha) or even another martial art – where better to learn?

Pictures – there are many more in memory cards and I’m way behind on uploading videos, but alas.. I always seem to lack time… ):
School during Xmas: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=46828&id=1407385820&l=e98a70c89c
New Years dinner: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=47842&id=1407385820&l=c546869e73
Camping with exchangies @ Sun Moon Lake: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=47830&id=1407385820&op=6

Happy New Year!

Eric Fleck, Rotary Exchange Student
D5490 Prescott, AZ
H: (928) 443-0943
2009-10 Outbound > Taichung, Taiwan
Skype: eaFleck


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