Seeing “Europe” in Asia

On April 4th, a friend and I went to the Swedish 80’s Rock band, Europe, concert.

It was a great concert and the finale was, of course, “It’s The Final Countdown”. I never dreamed I’d ever hear that awesome song played live by Europe.

After it was over, my friend and I went to the back entrace of the Chung Hsing University auditorium (in Taichung) and waited, along with 10-15 other fans, for Joey Tempest and the other band members to come out. I especially wanted to meet Ian Haugland – their drummer. We waited for about 3 hours, unsure if they were going to even going to say much to us. At 11:30 PM, Joey came out and spent a minute with everyone, followed by the rest of the band members.

Ian Haugland spent a little more time before he followed everyone into their bus (not the regular one they use around European & North American countries). My friend and I were the first fans to greet him and he shook my hand as I told him I was a drummer and that we were exchange students. Before he left, he took a picture with me and signed his autograph for me!

He, and the others, are very personable and only have slight European accents hahaha!

Needless to say, it was an incredible experience for us and I doubt we’ll forget it ~ it made my exchange an even more exciting and memorable time of my life.


~ by flerick on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “Seeing “Europe” in Asia”

  1. Hee~ I was there too^^

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