My School Featured on TV

My school, 明台高中, isn’t extremely prestigious (even for being a private vocational school), but it gets it’s 15 minutes of fame every now and then…

This is a television show about a boy and girl (I think they are siblings?) who visit high schools around Taiwan and learn about them and their academics, athletics, and campus activities (part 1):

This was a news segment about a French Cordon Bleu chef who visited our school. You can see me chewing on an h’ordeurve he cooked during 1:11 – 1:13 haha:

This is a TV variety show that our school’s cheerleading team was featured on during a cheer competition with another school near Taipei (we won!). Ana (my fellow exchange student at Ming Tai school) starred (not scripted at all) in a different act on it:



~ by flerick on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “My School Featured on TV”

  1. I still got more airtime than you. Hoh.

    • Nuh uh……. xD I was also on TV when I and some Brazilians were featured at a baseball game we went to haha ;D

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