About Me

My name is Eric. I was born in Dallas, Texas and currently live near Phoenix, Arizona. I’m 17 (and 18 at the end of the exchange) years old and will be spending roughly 10 months in Taichung, Taiwan as a Rotary Exchange Student. During that time I will be thrown into a culture of which I know very little. It will also be during this time period that I will attempt to learn one of the most difficult and daunting modern languages of our time – Mandarin Chinese. I depart from America to Taiwan August 22, 2009.

My intentions for blogging are to  –  somehow  –  make it easier for me to journal my adventure; haha in actuality, I love spending my time online so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Some of you have known me before my exchange, others might be meeting me during my exchange, and some of you may be complete strangers or just past/prospective exchange students taking a glimpse into one of many Taiwan travelers’ experiences. So read on and enjoy hearing me rant on how beautiful the country is, how nice it’s people are, and how much I shall suffer from ingesting the terribly repugnant and repulsive . . . stinky tofu!!


Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey

My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Monkey! =)

My English name translated into Mandarin is 艾里克 (pinyin – Aī lǐ kè).

Here it is in Calligraphy (below).



However, my actual Chinese name is 黃君豪 (pinyin – Huáng Jūn Háo). Huáng, the common surname (family name), means yellow; Jūn means sovereign, monarch, ruler, chief; and Háo translates to brave, heroic, chivalrous!

You can find out what your Zodiac sign is and how to get your English name pictured in Chinese Calligraphy like I did here:



3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. How interesting, Eric.

  2. Dear Eric,
    Mary McKinney ahs asked me to write to you and let you know she got her last card. She has had several surgeries but is doing well now. You can let her know where to write to you when you have time. Thinking of you, The McKinney Clan

  3. Hi guys.

    Thanks for writing. I’m glad Mary is doing good! Wish her the best from me. If you drop me an email at flerick@gmail.com I can send you my mailing address back. 🙂


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