100 Things

More than you ever wanted to know…

  1. I was born in Dallas Texas
  2. I have a cat named Charcoal; obv. he’s black
  3. My Red Tick Hound is a girl named Simba
  4. I watch a lot of movies; my favorite list holds 150+
  5. I listen to almost all music too, but my favorite is R&B / Hip Hop
  6. I dislike most country music, which is strange for where I live
  7. I have taken a lot of college courses in Pre-Nursing
  8. I plan on majoring in Nursing at Northern Arizona University
  9. I don’t like that people smoke; they are committing suicide lol =\
  10. I rarely ever laugh out loud when I’m alone
  11. I bite my fingernails
  12. I like thunderstorms and rain (it doesn’t rain that much in AZ)
  13. I hate snorkeling because in HA I got stuck by a sea urchin in my toe… 15 places 😉
  14. I’m a very loyal person
  15. I wish I could quit cursing, but it’s really hard hahaha
  16. I spend way too much time online; mostly because I can’t drive.. yet
  17. I have fired the M95 Military Sniper rifle; it kicks ass
  18. I speak a little Spanish, learned Chinese/Japanese and lost it, and am fluent in French – but rusty
  19. I am an outspoken writer most of the time, however I loathe writing assignments lol
  20. I like speaking in LOLspeak for some reason…
  21. Meh I’ll finish later

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